Community Prayer Breakfast History


Battle Creek Community Prayer Breakfast

The Mission of the Community Prayer Breakfast:

To provide an opportunity for people of faith to come together for prayer, meditation, and inspiration; to express their personal faith, their common purpose, their commitment to God; and to seek God’s guidance and strength with the desire to deepen the spiritual life and moral fiber of the people in our community.

The “Greater Battle Creek Community Prayer Breakfast” was established in 1982 and modeled after the National Prayer Breakfast. The name was later changed to the “Community Prayer Breakfast” in order to reach out to the larger community.

The Community Prayer Breakfast is a reaffirmation that people of goodwill, standing together for a common purpose, can transcend racial, geographical or cultural differences and create new opportunities for community progress.

The Prayer Breakfast program consists of community participants offering prayers for fellowship and community. Scripture readings from the Old and New Testament are delivered. A testimonial of faith is conveyed in the This I Believe address. The highlight of the program is the inspirational message from the Keynote Speaker.

The Prayer Breakfast annually draws more than 1,000 people, including 200 youth who attend free, thanks to generous donors.

The Original Prayer Breakfast Logo

Original Prayer Breakfast Logo